About the ISASR

The ISASR is an association of scholars and researchers devoted to the academic study of religions within Ireland and internationally. It is a forum for the critical, analytical and cross-cultural academic study of religions, past and present and provides a space for scholarly activity across different disciplines and fields. The Society aims to foster a variety of research-related activity including e.g. conferences, seminars, workshops and publications. The ISASR is not a forum for confessional, apologetical, interfaith or other similar religious activities.

The Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions was founded on Feb 19th 2011 with an action committee comprising scholars from a wide range of disciplines, specialities and institutions. The Society held its first general meeting and elected its first regular committee on May 26th 2012.

The ISASR is a member society of the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR).

The ISASR is a member society of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR), the regional network for IAHR national member associations in Europe. The ISASR was welcomed into membership at the EASR’s annual meeting which took place in Budapest in September 2011.

The next EASR Conference, 27 June – 1 July 2022, will be hosted by the Study of Religions Department, University College Cork in association with the ISASREASR 2022 Logo Hi-Res
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Further details

To find out more about ISASR’s purpose look here; the committee’s membership is here and the constitution here. Details on how to apply for membership are here. Contact details are here.

Announcements of events related to the academic study of religions can be found here; resources for the study of religions are here; links to sister societies etc. are here and some basic information on jobs and courses in the area is here.

Discussion of what the academic study of religion means can be found here.