ISASR 2017 conference programme

Sixth Annual Conference of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions

Religion, Myth and Migration

Waterford Institute of Technology June 16th 2017


09.00-09.30 – ISASR Committee meeting (Committee members only) Room F03

09.00-09.45 – Registration and Coffee, Main Entrance, WIT Cork Road Campus.
Conference fee: €30 waged, €15 unwaged

09.45-10.10 – Welcome from Professor Michael Howlett, Head of the Department of Applied Arts and from Dr James Kapaló, ISASR President; Room: F03 (Business Building)

10.10-11.40 – Session 1
1.a Religion, Authority and Community in Contemporary Ireland

Chair: Laurence Cox; Room: F03 (Business Building)

Adrian Stringer – A Social Network Analysis of Two Contrasting Congregational Memberships in Northern Ireland

Joe Moran – Worlds Apart? The Irish Catholic Church and the Needs of the People in a time of Economic Crisis

1.b Myth, Conflict and Stigma

Chair: Brendan McNamara; Room: F04 (Business Building)

Amin Sharifi Isaloo – Migration of Myths from the Bani Adam Poem to the Discovery of SuShi

Ari Fogelson – What is the Semitic and why does it Matter for Contemporary Israel/Palestine? Reading Joseph Massad and Gil Anidjar

James Kapaló – The Appearance of Saints: Photography as Incrimination and Justification in the Secret Police Archives in 20th Century Eastern Europe


11.40-12.00 – Coffee

12.00-13.30 – Session 2

2.a Myth, Tourism and Popular Culture

Chair: Jenny Butler; Room: F03 (Business Building)

Wendy O’Leary – The Migration of Myth into the Melting Pot of Popular Culture

Nadine Eckmann – Thin Places and Mystical Tours – Sacred Tourism in Ireland

Colette Colfer – Migration and the Monomyth

2.b Islam, Myth and Migration

Chair: James Cuffe; Room: F04 (Business Building)

Chris Heinhold – Karbala in London: A Shared Narrative of Home

Anastasia-Athénaïs Porret – The ‘Other’ Muslim Women: The Experience of White Female Converts to Islam in Ireland and France

Brendan McNamara – Establishing Islam in Britain – The Founding of Woking Mission


13.30-14.30 – Lunch

14.30-16.00 – Session 3

3.a Anthropology, Myth and Migration

Chair: James Kapaló; Room: F03 (Business Building)

Rhona Flynn – Negotiated Terms: Churches, Charms and Melting Pots in the Seychelles Archipelago

Lidia Guzy – Itinerary non-Brahmin Priest-Musicians from Western Odisha, India

James Cuffe – Nuo and the Will to Meaning amongst the Ethnographers of the Tujia

3.b Ireland and Migrating Myths

Chair: Colette Colfer; Room: F04 (Business Building)

Hazel O’Brien – Myths in the Maintenance of Diaspora: Mormons in Ireland and a Global Faith

Laurence Cox – Anthroposophy and its Daughter Movements in the UK and Ireland

Jenny Butler – Contemporary Pagan Migrants and the Utilisation of Myth in Creating a Sense of Place


16.00-16.30 – Refreshments Break

16.30-17.30 – Session 4
4.a The Prophetic and the Mythic

Chair: Brad Anderson; Room: F03 (Business Building)

George Beke Latura – Pagan Heaven: A Migrating Meme Traced from Macrobius to Cicero to Plato

Tom Boland and Paul Clogher – Between Exodus and Exile: The Prophetic Tradition of Critique

4.b Education, Resettlement and Religious Identities

Chair: Chris Heinhold; Room: F04 (Business Building)

Rachel Woodlock – Islam as Support and Stigma for Muslim Migrants and their Children

Helena Walsh-Kiely – Flanking Reform in Saudi Arabia: Muslim identity and the real reason behind the King Abdullah Scholarship Programme


17.45 – 18.45 – AGM (All members of the Society) Room F03 (Business Building)


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