The current members of the Committee are as follows:

President: Alexandra Grieser, TCD Religions and Theology

Secretary: Jenny Butler, UCC Study of Religions

Treasurer: Brendan McNamara, UCC Study of Religions

Publications officer: Brad Anderson, DCU Theology, Philosophy & Music

Website officer: Nadine Eckmann

Hazel O’Brien, WIT School of Humanities – Applied Arts

Jonathan Kearney, DCU Theology, Philosophy & Music


Committee History: Following a year’s work by a preliminary action committee, the Society’s first regular committee was elected at the annual general meeting of the ISASR (held on May 26th 2012 in UCC). One member withdrew and their place was filled at the second AGM (2013 in UCD), while a second withdrawal was filled at the third AGM (2014 in QUB).

A full round of elections was held at the fourth AGM (2015 in TCD), while a number of places were filled at the fifth AGM (2016 in UCC). Elections were again held at the seventh AGM (2018 in QUB).

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